Nikki and Jay’s Wedding at Stowe Mountain Lodge (video)

Stowe Mountain Resort, Stowe VT

Another weekend, another absolutely perfect Saturday. The sun was out, the temperature was pleasant and there was no rain anywhere in the forecast. Nikki and Jay’s big day was at Stowe Mountain Resort, a perfect place to say I do. We started with a first look by the golf course and then did some formals using the great backdrops. We even snuck in the golf course for a quick one or two. The ceremony was in the middle of the village and was performed by one of the couple’s friends. Nikki and Jay tied the knot, sealed it with a kiss and it was on to the party. There was a great first dance, touching and quite funny speeches, amazing food, delicious cake and plenty of crazy dancing.

Congratulations Nikki and Jay!

Check out the short version of their Wedding Film


Tara and Kevin’s Engagement Session

Tara and Kevin are saying I do in December and it’s never too late for some engagement picture. We started at Kevin’s Northcourt Orchard and had some fun within the apple trees. We were even joined by their super fun doggo Maddie for some pictures. Then we took the short drive to Lake Carmi State Park for some different backgrounds and we had a lot of fun.

Congratulations! Can’t wait for December!

Brittany and Mike’s Wedding Film (VIDEO)

Craftsbury Pavilion, Craftsbury VT

Brittany and Mike’s big day started with some gorgeous weather, beautiful summer day with plenty of overcast that made my job easier. We started at The Stoweflake Resort in Stowe where Brittany and her girls got ready. They had some beautiful gardens that we got to use them for some portraits. We took to short drive to Craftsbury and got ready for the ceremony. Some rain was expected and we all hoped it would come after all the proceedings were done. Brittany and Mike said I do and we raced to complete all the family formals and more portraits of the couple. We got super lucky and rain arrived just as we were getting done. Dinner was ready just in time, the food was absolutely amazing and the brisket was out of this world. There were fun dances, great speeches, delicious cupcakes and plenty of Switchback.

Congratulations Brittany and Mike!

Check out the short version of their wedding film:


Kelly and Cary’s Wedding at The Mountain Top (video)

The Mountain Top, Chittenden VT

This Thursday brought me back to one of my favorite venues, The Mountain Top, for Kelly and Cary’s Wedding. It was another absolutely amazing late summer day. Once everyone was ready we started with a first look and then went down to the lake, one of my favorite spots on the property, for some portraits. The ceremony was on the meadow overlooking the property and was performed by Cary’s uncle. He did a great job. Kelly and Cary said I do and it was on to the cocktail hour and the dinner. We managed to sneak out for a few minutes during dinner to do a few more set-ups and then it was time for the party. There was a lot of dancing, some crazy and creative moves, lots of cocktails and delicious deserts.

Check out the short version of Kelly and Cary’s Wedding Film:



Stephanie and Dave’s Wedding at Jay Peak (photography)

Jay Peak Resort, Jay VT

The second stop of the crazy busy Labor day weekend was at Jay for Stephanie and Dave’s Wedding. The weather was again absolutely gorgeous and even a little chili at the top. We started with couple of first looks by the pond. First with Dave and then with Stephanie and her dad. We did some fun portraits with the bridal party and Stephanie even got to twirl in her pretty, wavy dress. As soon as we were done we jumped on the tram and went to to the for the ceremony. Stephanie and Dave tied the knot with the beautiful Green Mountains as a backdrop and a blue sky marbled with clouds. We did the short trek to the top to take advantage of the best scenery for some portraits. The party started wild and din’t let up. There were touching speeches, lots of beer, great prime rib, and doughnuts. I had a few!

Congratulations Stephanie and Dave!


Mackenzie and Luke’s Wedding at Stratton Mountain Resort (Photo-Video Fusion)

Stratton Mountain Resort, Stratton VT

The first stop for this very busy Labor day weekend was at Stratton for Mackenzie and Luke’s big day. I was on a double duty for this one doing both photography and video.  Stratton is a great venue with some beautiful and very different backdrops and we took full advantage of all of it. We started with a visit to the covered bridge for the first look and some portraits of the bridal party. Then it was on to the ceremony, in the church. Mackenzie and Luke said I do and sealed it with a kiss. We did a quick tour of the little Stratton Village and grabed a few shots there. Then it was on to the top. Fortunately the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The guests enjoyed a champagne toast and great speeches. The party started as soon as we made it back down and it was wild and fun. There was amazing food, plenty of cocktails, delicious deserts and some crazy dancing. We finished the night in style with a sparkler send-off.

Congratulations Mackenzie and Luke!

Check out the short version of their Wedding film and some of the images



Kristin and Daniel’s Wedding at Five Birds Farm (Photo – Video Fusion)

Five Birds Farm, Woodstock VT

This week I was on double duty doing both Photography and Video. The forecast looked bad. 80% chance of thunderstorms thru the day 🙁 Then we got lucky and instead of rain we got amazing sunshine and a gorgeous summer day. Kristin and Daniel’s friends and family came from all over the country to attend their wedding and everyone had tons of fun.

We started with a first look in the woods and took care of most of the portraits. Then Kristin and Daniel said I do  at the Five Birds Farm. The ceremony was performed by one of their best friends and he did a great job. During the cocktail hour the guests enjoyed some delicious Whistle Pig cocktails and lawn games. Then the party started and it was pretty wild. The dance floor was packed right until the very end when everyone took a short break to enjoy some Ben & Jerry ice cream. Fortunately they had my favorite, Cherry Garcia so it was all good. We finished the night with a spectacular sparkler send-off that Kristin and Daniel ran back and forth and gave me plenty of opportunities to get some great images and video.

Congratulations Kristin and Daniel!

Check out the short version of their Wedding Film and the images:





Amy and Chris’ Wedding at The Tourterelle

The Tourterelle, New Haven VT

What a gorgeous summer day, perfect for Amy and Chris’ Wedding! We started in Amy’s parents gorgeous house where everyone got ready. The backyard was perfect for Amy and Chris’ first look and some portraits. Then it was on to the Tourterelle for some more formals before the guests came in. The ceremony was in front of the pond and was performed by the couple’s good friend and he did a great job. Guests had tons of fun at the cocktail hour and enjoyed lawn games and tasty drinks. Once the sun retreated a little bit we got some golden hour light and took advantage of it for some more portraits of the couple. Dinner was absolutely delicious, the band played on and everyone had a great night. It was topped of by freshly baked pizza.

Congratulations Any and Chris!

Dalia and Derek’s Wedding at The Trapp Family Lodge (video)

Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe VT

Make up by Vivian Infantino

This Saturday took me to the wonderful Trapp Family Lodge for Dalia and Derek’s big day. It was a hot one, with temperatures over 90 and humidity that made Florida feel dry. The ceremony had to be moved inside because of the heat advisory that covered half the country. Fortunately for us The Trapp has the Mozart room that is perfect for the occasion. It’s  beautiful and gorgeously decorated. After Dalia and Derek said I do we braved the heat and went out for some portraits. The party was as wild as expected and the night was just starting. All the guests enjoyed great music from the band. There was plenty of crazy dancing and the newlywed were hoisted up on chairs. The night ended with a spectacular sparkler send off and an amazing fireworks display.

Congratulations Dalia and Derek!

Check out the short version of their Wedding Film!



Megan and James’ Wedding at Jay Peak (photography)

Jay Peak Resort, Jay VT

What a great day to be married on top of a Mountain. James proposed to Megan at the very top of Jay and it was the perfect place to say I do.

We started at the pond with some portraits and Megan even got to twirl in her wavy dress. Then it was on to the tram for the short trip to Elevation 4000. It was an absolutely gorgeous summer day with a breeze that made the heat tolerable. The ceremony was Greek Eastern Orthodox performed by Father Nicklaus. It had been quite awhile since I had done one and I enjoyed photographing it. James and Megan tied the knot, kissed about 10 times and everyone blew bubbles as they walked out. We climbed to the very top of Jay to the exact spot where James proposed and did some more portraits. Then it was on to the party. The guests enjoyed some great cocktails, amazing food and lots of dancing. Then there was the garter removal. Megan’s dad had quite the surprise for James and there was a certain “switch” that we will all remember for a long time. It only got wilder from there and we all had an amazing time.

Congratulations Megan and James!