Photo - Video Fusion


Fusion is the best of both worlds. It's perfect for couples that want to add video to their photography but do not have the budget. It's also great for couples that want both photography and video but are worried that adding a video team to the photographer(s) will be distracting to the event. Check out the F.A.Q. underneath for more info and email me with any questions.


I offer substantial discounts for November to April Weddings


Photo-Video Fusion in Season Wedding Coverage is $5300 and includes:

- Full Coverage
- All the images on an USB, both in color and in black and white in a custom printed box
- Wedding Film (short version aprox 5min)

- Wedding Film (medium version aprox 10min)
- Wedding Film (long version aprox 15 -20 min)

- Full Uninterrupted Footage of the Ceremony and Speeches
- Hard Cover Coffee Table Book
- Printing rights transferred to you in writing
- Web Gallery on my Blog.
- Web Gallery for ordering prints and albums
- Upload of the Fusion Movie to Vimeo


+ Second Photographer: +$600


Contact me with your date and wedding venue and I will get back to you with a solid quote without any hidden charges.


This F.A.Q. will answer some of the question you might have about my Wedding Photography. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions, comments or suggestions.



What is Fusion?
I like to think of it as "the best of both worlds". It's perfect for couples that want video coverage but do not want to add a lot to the budget or are nervous about the distraction of adding a video team to the event.


What will I get?
You will get everything you would if you book me as Photographer plus a two versions of the Wedding Film and everything else described above.


How is it possible to get Photography and Video?
Most of the video in the Fusion package, unlike my dedicated video, comes from static cameras. Those are 2 small cameras on tiny tripods that I place in key places during the ceremony and reception. The getting ready period I cover with a camera on me that is capable of both amazing photos and video. The static cameras are quite small and unobtrusive. You will be hard pressed to even notice them.


Will this impact the Photography quality?
Not at all. The static cameras a pre set-up and focused. That allows me to Photograph the Wedding as usual.


How is the video footage different from the dedicated Video coverage?
Since the footage comes from cameras that do not move the video tends to be more static with less camera movement and less close-ups.


Do you have different Fusion packages?
I want to keep things simple and comprehensive on the business end. That is why I do not have different packages, I do not charge per hour and I do not have a la carte pricing. When in season my fee for Wedding Coverage is always flat and all inclusive. When out of season (November – April) I do offer substantial discounts.

What does Full Coverage mean?
Full Coverage means just that, full coverage of the whole day. I will not show up just as the ceremony starts and disappear when the cake is cut. I start with getting ready shots and stay until I have gotten enough footage of the reception and all the festivities. There is no hourly limit or additional charges.


Do you do your own editing?
Yes. Some outsource the editing to online services, I do everything myself. It's the only way I can make sure everything is just as I want it.


Can I choose the music for my film and use my favorite songs?
Unfortunately no. The songs that you have in mind cost thousands of dollars in license fees. The online services such as vimeo and youtube will take a video down immediately if a popular song is detected. Not to mention the lawsuits that can arise form unauthorized use.


Where do you get the music for our Fusion Film?
There are couple of online services I use such as SongFreedom that provides a big library of music at very affordable license fees.


Which states do you cover?
I love traveling and distance is never a problem. I cover VT, NH, MA, ME, RI, CT, NY. I am also available for long distance travel for locations all across the US and Destination Weddings.


How long will I have to wait before I see my Fusion Film?
I won't make you wait months to see the results. Approximately 10 days after the Wedding the films will be available online. You should receive the DVD approximately 2 weeks after.


Are you insured?
This is one of the most important questions you can ask your Wedding Photographer. Business Liability insurance is very important as it protects me, you and all your guests from accidents. Also many of the higher-end venues will not allow a Photographer (or any vendor) to work on the premises without Liability Insurance. I carry full Business Liability Insurance.