Best of 2018, Wedding Video Reel

2018 was an amazing year for my videography and I got to shoot some amazing Weddings. It was pretty hard to come up with a “best of” video reel. Check it out:



Priya and Kris’ Wedding at Hotel Vermont

Hotel Vermont, Burlington VT

Priya and Kris’ Wedding at Hotel Vermont was the perfect way to kick off 2019! After everyone got ready we started with a touching first look for Priya’s dad and then a no look “first look” photos with Kris. We even pulled off a Birdbox Challenge 🙂

Kris and Priya said I do in a beautiful ceremony performed by one of their best friends and attended by their families and best friends that came from all lover. As soon as they made it official we raced down to the lake to take advantage of what little light was left for some portraits. On the way back we made a stop by the Hilton’s outside fireplace for some more fun shots. We made it just in time for the party that included a great musical performance by Kris’ family and friends. There was also great speeches, dances, delicious food and of course plenty of deserts and cocktails.

Congratulations Kris and Pryia!


Nina and Kyle’s Wedding at The Mountain Top Inn (VIDEO)

The Mountain Top Inn & Resort, Chittenden VT

Nina and Kyle’s Wedding was an absolute blast and it was an great way to close a super busy 2018! We started with a first look in the woods and got a lot done before the ceremony. The weather was quite mild for a Vermont winter and we got plenty of footage outside. Nina and Kyle decided to brave the winter and do the ceremony on the Mountain Top Inn patio. They said I do and sealed it with a kiss in the heart of the Green Mountains with some amazing views in the background. The party was as wild as expected and all the guests enjoyed some Vermont brews, great food, delicious deserts and some crazy dancing.

Congratulations Nina and Kyle!

Check out the Short (trailer) version of their Wedding Film



Christine and Patrick’s Wedding at The Old Lantern

Hotel Vermont, Burlington VT

The Old Lantern Inn and Barn, Charlotte VT

My super busy last weekend of the year started in beautiful Hotel Vermont where Christine and Patrick got ready for their big day. After everyone was set we started with a quick first look and then some fun portraits on Church Street. The weather was a mixed bag, quite mild for winter but with a punishing wind coming from the lake. Christine and Patrick soldiered up and we got so much done before the Ceremony. We stopped by the Burlington waterfront, then by the cute covered bridge at the Charlotte Town beach and then made our way to the inn. They sealed it with a kiss in front of their family and friends in the Old Lantern Inn and Barn that was gorgeously decorated. With all the formal portraits done before the ceremony we went right into the party and everyone had a lot of fun. There was even Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to top off the amazing night.

Congratulations Christine and Patrick!

Alex and Megan’s Wedding at The Inn at Round Barn Farm (FUSION)

The Inn at Round Barn Farm, Waitsfield VT

This week I was on double duty doing both photography and video at the gorgeous Inn at Round Barn for Alex and Megan’s Winter fairy tale wedding.  The weather was surprisingly mild and we took advantage of it and did plenty of outside portraits after the first look. We also had couple of very special surprise guests, Comet and Dasher! The reindeer were beautiful and Comet even behaved long enough to get a few shots with Alex and Megan outside the pen. The guests came from all over the world, some all the way from Australia and Kenya and they all enjoyed the splendid Vermont affair. The ceremony was at the beautiful barn and after the formalities it was time for everyone to warm up with some spiked apple cider and get on the dancefloor. Fun was had by all!

Congratulations Alex and Megan!

Check out the short version of the video and some of the photos below.



Lisa and Matt’s Wedding at The Mountain Top

The Mountain Top Inn and Resort, Chittenden VT

The weather forecast didn’t look good at first. It called for a non-stop rain through the day. Then we got lucky and the rain turned to snow. It started slow and then it became a dumping. We couldn’t be happier!

We started off with a first look and then toured all of the Mountain Top for some portraits. We went to the beach and then stopped by the road. By that time the snow was really coming down and everything was quickly turning white. All the snow made for some great images. Matt and Lisa decided to brave the elements and go with the original plan to have the ceremony outside. They sealed it with a kiss and it was time for the party. The dancing was quite spirited and it made for some amazing shots. Then we topped it all of with a spectacular sparkler send-off.

Congratulations Matt and Lisa!


Marah and Erik’s Wedding at The Grafton Inn (VIDEO)

The Grafton Inn, Grafton VT

This weekend took me to the historic Grafton Inn for Marah and Erik’s Wedding. The day started very rainy and gloomy but quickly turned for the better. Fortunately for us the rain stopped when it was time for the first look. We enjoyed the amazing Vermont fall colors and used them to our full advantage. Erik and Marah said I do in a beautiful ceremony performed by one of their best friends. The newlyweds sealed it with a kiss, rang the church bell and it was on to the party. The first dance was absolutely amazing and it was followed by more amaizng dances, great speeches, delicious food and a doughnut board. Marah and Erik’s guests came from all across the United States and everyone had a lot of fun.

Congratulations Marah and Erik!

Check out the short version of their Wedding Film.


Amy and Alan’s Wedding at Sugarbush

Sugarbush Resort, Warren VT

Snow in October?! Yes please!

Saturday took me to Sugarbush for Amy and Alan’s Wedding. Soon after we got started the snow came and we quickly picked up almost an inch. It was enough to turn almost everything white. Winter has come! 🙂 We set up a quick first look at the courtyard of Sugarbush and took care of some portraits before the snow turned to rain then to hail and then to snow again. We moved quickly and took advantage of all the white goodness. Then it was time for the ceremony. It was short and sweet. Amy and Alan said I do sealed it with a kiss and we were off to the party. The guests enjoyed delicious food, a great desert table and plenty of fun, crazy dancing.

Congratulations Amy and Alan!


Brendan and Laura’s Wedding at the Woodstock Inn (Video)

Woodstock Inn and Resort, Woodstock VT

What and absolutely gorgeous fall day, perfect for a Wedding in the heart of the Green Mountains. Brendan and Laura said I do in the beautiful Our Lady of the Snows Catholic cathedral in Woodstock. Afterwards we made quick stops by the Billings Farm and Museum, a fancy barn and even a covered bridge for some formals. We finished just in time and the couple could enjoy the cocktail hour on the Woodstock Inn’s front lawn. The party was included an amazing first dance, some great food and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. The dancing was as wild as expected. Once the band started playing the dancefloor was absolutely packed until the very end.

Congratulations Brendan and Laura!

Check out the short version (trailer) of their wedding film.


Amanda and Anthony’s Wedding at Jay Peak

Jay Peak, Jay VT

Fall is here! We got to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous peak foliage at Jay Peak. It made for a perfect back drop for Amanda and Anthony’s Wedding. We started with a first look by the pond and took care of some of the formal shots. We had plenty of time and visited quite a few locations on Jay’s grounds including the barn, some gorgeous gardens, a small bridge and the golf course. We even found the perfect spot for a dip! We took a short break and it was time for the ceremony by the pond. Rain was expected but we lucked out big time and it didn’t start until we were all done and safely tucked in the tent for the party.

Congratulations Amanda and Anthony!